Each OrBamaCare application will take month and a half to process; alimony and pension info required

November 15, 2013


H/T to Pete the Banker who called my attention to this latest story about OrBamaCare.

OrbamaCare drudge
Photo from Oregon Catalyst

We knew it was bad, but Oregon’s OrBamaCare debacle is sending the meter to ‘Absurd’ status. Oregon is dead last in the ObamaCare sign ups. The state has signed up NO ONE. Now the governor has hired 400 people to fill out applications the old fashioned way: paper and pen. But, as we find out from Roll Call, the Kaiser Health News has looked into Oregon’s debacle,

“Oregon has yet to enroll one single person, and it’s been reduced to pawing through paper applications to figure out eligibility… The paper application is 20 pages long and asks for everything from names and the number of people in your household, to pension contributions and alimony payments.

“Cover Oregon’s current guess on when the site will be fully running is by the end of November. So far, it has a stack of 7,300 paper applications, with more coming in each day.”

And when are the paper pushers at Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare--expecting to process these applications? 

 It has 45 days to process each one, but it hopes to do it quicker.

At the Cover Oregon website, insurance seekers are given ONE HOUR to fill out their application,

At this time, it isn’t possible to save this form and come back to it later. Once you start filling out this application online, you will have 1 hour to complete it. After 1 hour, your information will be lost and you will need to start over.

State workers are given a month and a half to fill out the same paper work you were given one hour to fill out. My, my, we’ve certainly set a low bar.