January 27, 2006


What secretary of state Bill Bradbury doesn’t want you to see: the state of the voter rolls. He doesn’t want to know if those on his list are citizens. That’s why he doesn’t check. He calls racist those who demand the voter rolls to be checked to make sure all who use the franchise are legal citizens.
OPERATION ID is a letter writing campaign designed to bring pressure on Bradbury and the Governor to require those who receive state benefits, driver’s licenses and voter privileges be US citizens. Get the letter here. Find more info here.
Bradbury has fought those efforts in the past. Can he honestly ignore you now?
After finding out Washington State’s voter rolls included 36,000 double registered voters and 11,500 dead people, how can Bradbury honestly maintain the state of our voter rolls are cleaner? How would he know? He doesn’t check!
Get your copy of the letter, print it, sign it and send it back. We need your support! Thanks to rinowatch for the picture. It’s priceless.

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