OPERATION ID: Day 14 Statewide has Begun!

February 7, 2006


Welcome Bill Meyer, KMED, Medford to the OPERATION ID statewide effort!

Why don’t Oregon officials check to see if you’re a citizen before you vote, receive benefits, receive an Oregon Driver’s License? Seems simple enough to require it. But they don’t and,worse, they don’t check what documents they DO get.

Operation ID calls our Governor and Secretary of State to account for this abject failure. We call on them to require people signing up for the above items to prove they’re citizens.

Go here to get a copy of the letter. Print it. Sign it. Send it. We’ll present these letters to the Governor and Secretary of State and demand they change the way we do business in the state of Oregon.

Go to KPAM.COM here and get your letter. Print it. Sign it. Send it. Here: Victoria Taft, Operation ID, KPAM AM 860, 888 SW 5th Ave., Suite 790, Portland, Oregon 97204

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com