February 3, 2006


Even though I couldn’t get City Commissioners Randy Leonard and Sam Adams (who crashed my show last night) to sign their Operation ID letters, State Representative Kim Thatcher HAS signed it. Kudos to her. Where are all our governor’s candidates’ letters? Hmmmm….
Ron? Kevin? Jason?
Go to KPAM.COM, click on Victoria’s picture, download the citizen letter, print it, sign it, and send it back snail mail. Force the Governor and Secretary of State to require citizenship to get driver’s licenses, voting privileges, and citizen provided benefits. In a post 9/11 age, at a time when our budgets are being tapped out, there’s NO reason to give these bennies to people who are not in our country legally. If you do you’re felony dumb and stuck on stupid.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com