OPERATION ID: Day 11 and Carousel of Crime Update

February 2, 2006


Don’t you love it? They changed the date of the carousel of crime again. They’re so tricky! See the info below.

State Representative Kim Thatcher has sent in HER OP ID letter, have you?

Imagine if the Oregon government did its job and didn’t give out state benefits, driver’s licenses, and actually checked to make sure the voter rolls weren’t full of non citizens. The Wall Street Journal has done a story about what happens when local authorities begin doing their (and ICE’s) job.

The Eugene protest of the “Carousel De Informacion” or Matricula Card ID giveaway by the Mexican Consulate for Illegal Aliens and subsequent Tax Payer Handouts, has been moved to Saturday, February 11th (one week later than original date).
Please tell everyone about this change of dates. All 3 Republican candidates for Governor are addressing this issue, finally. We need to show up and keep the heat on. The wax in their ears is starting to melt. Rick Hickey – VP-OFIR www.oregonir.org

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com