From the Oregon Tea Party and Operation Flea Bath Facebook page (here):

Welcome to Operation: Flea Bath.

Our objective is to hold our institutions accountable to taxpayers to enforce the law regarding the illegal protest activity.

We absolutely respect all citizen’s First Amendment rights to free speech and expression. But that does not extend to illegal activities that disrupt and despoil the broader community’s ability to enjoy our public spaces.

We are taxpayers that fund the Parks Department and Police Department and our group is dedicated to ensuring that our government is accountable to all taxpayers by enforcing the law for all citizens.

The Occupy Portland protesters – aka Fleabaggers – have refused outreach by the city to help them plan a lawful protest event. Their plan to “occupy” Waterfront Park is nothing short of illegal camping and trespassing.

Waterfront Park is officially closed from 12:01am – 5:00am each day. It is illegal for any group to camp, loiter or protest during those hours.

Check back on this page for up to the minute contact info to make your complaint to the Portland Park Rangers and Portland Police Department.

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