May 31, 2006


Seattle’s parking tax anyone? Sounds coincidentally like the Tri Met tax extortion.

Mayor Greg Nickels today proposed a $1.8 billion tax increase to pay for Seattle’s backlog of street, bridge and sidewalk repairs, plus a host of transit, bike path and safety improvements.

Nickels’ package would be funded through a mix of increased property taxes, new taxes on commercial parking lots and an employer tax, which would be based on the number of employees who work at companies and organizations in Seattle.

If approved by the City Council, the mayor’s proposed property tax increase would go to voters for their approval in November. The new parking and employer taxes could be imposed without voter approval.

The levy would cost the owner of a typical Seattle home $195 during the first year. The levy would grow at the rate of construction inflation, but would be capped at a 5 percent increase per year.

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