December 6, 2005


Smokeless restaurants in Portland.

here’s one of the better emails I got on the Washington state smoking ban:


In effect smoking has been banned in the core of all WA citties and townships.
The 25 foot limit from doors and openings does that. You can’t walk down any
city sidewalk and be more than 25 feet from any door. If you stood
in the middle of the street you would probably not be over 25 feet from
a door straight across from you. The thing that is distasteful about this is
the sneaky, calculated way the initiative was worded………to fool the voter. If it had said “no smoking in cities or towns in the entire state” it might not have had the same result. It worked, didn’t it? You know what? Cars are next. Then homes. Fascism is loose and on a roll. I’m sure Oregon will copycat this like it did with the Cal bottle deposit bill and is now sniffing at copying the Cal auto emissions limits. Keep in mind folks. Next may be something you don’t want to lose. These “limiters” don’t know when to stop.


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