Open Letter to Our Congress: Feel Free to Send This to Your Rep

Dear Congressman or Congresswoman,
The United States of America is a demonstrably Center-Right country. Millions of people now have protested, yelled, written, emailed, visited, called and demanded you not cave to the fondest dreams of the far left to socialize medicine. Make no mistake, the so called “progressives” (who proudly claim their name from the communists of the early 20th century)  know what this health care bill ultimately will do: It will “equalize” all individuals into the “masses” putting the government in control over more of our lives than anytime in history of this country. It will serve to install the government over us to make choices for our very life and death.
This is tyranny.
Our founding fathers, who believed in individualism, federalism and the unique experiment that is America now roll over in their graves at the notion that YOU may vote to enslave Americans to their government. This is anathema to anyone who shares the founders’ dreams for the uniqueness of America and its exceptionalism in the world.

You claim to be undecided. If you are in conflict then you need to remember this: Your default position should always be in favor of freedom of the individual. You are duty bound to do so. The vote for more freedom is NEVER the wrong one.
Stand for America. Stand for the real people of this country. Stand for Individualism. Stand for Freedom. STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT!
This is not reform. This is take over. This is enslavement.  It is a power play by the ‘elites’ who believe we’re too stupid to lead our own lives.
God Bless America!

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