On the Trail of Zarqawi

May 10, 2006


Thomas Joscelyn has the latest on the newly refreshed search for Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the franchisee for Al Qaeda in Iraq. Could it have anything to do with this previous story? The Jordanian press is reporting:

“The Americans and the British set up electronic listening bases in areas located south of the capital, Baghdad; namely, Al-Latifiyah, Al-Yusufiyah, Jurf al-Sakhr, Al-Mahmudiyah, Al-Bu’aythah, and Hawr Rajab, where Al-Zarqawi is believed to have been moving about in the past weeks.”The intelligence information available to the Interior Ministry’s Staff Major General Husayn Ali Kamal (under secretary of the Iraqi Interior Ministry for intelligence affairs) indicates that security officials hope for surrounding the areas where Al-Zarqawi could be located in order to conduct, later on, house-to-house and street-to-street searches. This in turn could lead to his quick arrest.High-level quarters at the Iraqi Defense Ministry said that the Americans are waiting for Al-Zarqawi to phone his colleagues, even by using a code, in order to identify his exact location and subsequently act to either arrest or kill him.

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