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October 11, 2005


Have the citizens of Portland just signed on to provide rehab to all homeless people? Sounds like it. Tune in at 6:05 pm (pacific) to listen in and join the discussion. 877-774-KPAM (5726), 503 225 0860, victoria@victoriataft.com.

Portland may be providing potties for the homeless and anyone else desperate enough to search for a loo downtown.

Then at 7:05 join the head of the Minutemen (Canada) in an enlightening discussion of what’s going on North of the border and how that impacts illegal immigration and possible terrorist activities.

Don’t forget the Rally for the Minutemen at the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem Saturday, October 15 at 1pm. I’ll be there!! Will you? Oregonians for Immigration Reform is sponsoring it.

Former FBI chief Louis Freeh was interviewed today. You won’t believe what he had to say about President Clinton and his lies. Verrrry interesting.

Tune in tonight to the Victoria Taft Show, broadcasting LIVE from the People’s Republic of Portland, where no tax is too high, no business too small to pay ’em, and where they’re plotting right now to tax your cell phone and internet connection. LET FREEDOM RING!

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