On Secrets and Hostage Negotiations. The Victoria Taft Show Today, 5-8pm on AM 860 KPAM

October 3, 2006


Bill Gertz is the Washington Times Pentagon reporter who spilled the beans about the upcoming threat of China, the oil for food scandal at the United Nations, and now has written a book about how America’s secrets have been stolen—often with our unwitting complicity. He’s on the show today. Stream the Victoria Taft Show from 5-8pm (Pacific) here.

Another school shooting… More children are dying. Why? Because schools are soft, easy targets. Would an armed cop or trained and armed teachers help the situation and telegraph in advance to would-be school shooters that they may get theirs before they can take out anyone?

And what of the hostage negotiations? What do hostage negotiators expect from the perp? Is the hostage negotiator’s job to save the innocents inside or to prevent the bad actor from getting outside and hurting more people?
Today on the show I’ll talk to Clint Van Zandt, the former FBI hostage negotiator. He’s co written this book, Facing Down Evil. Stream the show here.

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