ODOT, DMV, Lorna Youngs: Are You Listening?

February 27, 2006


Mommy, What’s it like to live in a state where state officials actually listen to their constituents and where bureaucrats are listened to by their bosses when they see wrongs being committed? We wouldn’t know in Oregon, but Wisconsin is and so is Maryland.
(Read here about how the Minutemen are pushing the agenda in Maryland.)

I’ve told you about this case. In Tennessee they actually had “tour groups” come from all over the United States filled with illegal aliens with phony papers (rental agreements, envelopes with a stamped, return address, and rental agreements direct from Kinkos. Sound familiar? Ah, yes, I thought so. It is, of course, exactly what the Robleto brothers were doing in Oregon except in Oregon you don’t get convicted for it. Find out about the cases here, and here and here. And, of course, Youngs and company want to issue these driver’s certificates (see story below). Why? To make it easier for illegal aliens to drive in Oregon. I see why they would want to make sure criminal drivers had passed a test, but, as you can see, if they’re willing to phony up papers etc, come into the country illegally, then why would we want them here?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee stopped issuing driving certificates to illegal immigrants Friday after investigators learned out-of-state applicants were using fake papers and bribes to get cards.
One major problem was the variety of documents, such as utility bills or housing leases, that people could use to prove they lived in Tennessee. The department was flooded with certificate requests, and employees were overwhelmed trying to verify the paperwork, he said.
The wallet-size certificates were labeled “not valid for identification” in bold red letters, but federal prosecutors say banks accepted them as legal identification and they could be passed off as official ID at other places.
A dozen people pleaded guilty in recent months after two federal investigations found shuttles from as far away as New Jersey had brought South and Central American immigrants with fake residency papers to get certificates at state licensing centers in Knoxville.

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