October 29, 2009


Isn’t it ironic — but appropos — that Nancy Pelosi announced today, October 29, 2009, the Liberals’ imposition of Government Health Care, Obamacare Smiley Face Facism Uber Alles, which will crash the economy and reduce citizens to serfs dependent on Government bureaucrats, on the anniversary day of the stock market crash and beginning of the Great Depression on Oct.29, 1929?
I note Pelosi said that the new government national socialized health care  will cover “36-million” uninsured. That is really evidence of Liberal magic — Obama has consistently cited 46-million uninsured. Look how wonderful Liberal Neo Socialist  Happy-Face Fascists are — they solved the health care problems of 10-million Americans just talking about Socialized Health Care. From 46-million to 36-million by just a little tongue work by Pelosi and Obama.  
And those 36-million remaining after 10-million of Obama’s 46-million no longer needing to be included in the government-dependent class the Liberals are creating, who are they? Although Pelosi, Obama, et al. keep speaking about the “poor,” the poor are already receiving socialized health care through Medicaid. So, if they are not “the poor,” who are they? 
Dare I ask the obvious: Could any of these 36-million be the affluent who can afford medical insurance but decline? Could it include the young adults who have no trouble finding the money for car insurance premiums but are without the ability to afford to afford health insurance, or who simply thumb a nose those who think that anyone who can afford car insurance premiums can afford some level of health insurance and should not be burdens on taxpayers for their health insurance? 
Could any of these 36-million now remaining after Pelosi and Obama have miraculously satisfied the health insurance needs of 10-million of the claimed 46-million uninsured, be among the 12-to-20-million “illegal aliens” (the term for them at law) parasitically present in the U.S.A., allegedly the land of “greedy Gringos,” as many  say? Alas, it may be so. Medicaid has an apparent “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Liberals like.
That is, the apparent  “don’t ask, don’t tell” practice of Medicaid, and related state programs, is for those redistributing  taxpayer’s taxes from those pay taxes to those who don’t (now some 49% of the population), not to “ask”   if the applicants for taxpayer-paid  health care, for instance, a gentleman with doleful eyes, rough hands,  and a sad countenance,   applying for Medicaid with the aid of a translator from Spanish to English, and the Spanish-speaking woman with him, and  the ten Spanish-speaking children with them, might be present “illegally;” nor to require them “to tell” and prove where they were born and what documents attest to their right to be in the country. 
That would be “heartless.” Wouldn’t it, as Obama and Obamites have told us? Can’t this great country, the “richest in the world,” realize this is a “moral question,” and have “compassion” to ensure that these illegal aliens are insured and have their shots “as a public health matter because, after all, if we do not treat them they will simply spread the disease to Americans?”  
In order to ensure that these illegal aliens are insured  at taxpayer-expense,  I had an associate telephone the Oregon Health Plan, resulting in a dialogue that went something like this:
“Hello, I have a problem. A wonderful family whom I know, with five children, has a very sick child. They have no insurance. And they are very poor. Can you help them?
“Yes, we should be able to assist them if they meet the income standards,” the government agent informed.
“Well, the problem is, they are here illegally. They are undocumented. They are very frightened. They need help. I don’t know what to tell them. Can you help them if they are illegal?
“Yes, that’s no problem. Just send them down,” came the answer
“Are you sure there is no problem with them being illegal?”
“Yes, I’m sure. It won’t even come up. Just send them down.”
I cannot express how good it makes me feel to know that those who are working for the government are so generous, so compassionate, that admitted “illegal aliens” will be enrolled in the taxpayer-paid health insurance system, and will not suffer the indignity of being asked if they are here legally, nor required to tell whether they are possessed of documents showing they have a right to be in the country, in order to have the right to health care at others’ expense. 
Further, I am made so proud as an American to be informed that health departments across the country which received the limited quantities of the vaccine available, are advising that they will be giving shots to those who are otherwise receiving taxpayer-services, e.g..illegal aliens, while persons not receiving government health services should “call your doctor.”
Also, I have to express my joy in knowing that the Obama’s daughters have received their Swine Flu shots in their ultra-expensive private school, while my daughter–and no doubt yours, in Oregon public schools — have not, and will not. My wife called our pediatrician to find out if our daughter would be able to get a shot. She was told, “We are giving priority to children under two and pregnant women,”  that they had no idea when we might get a shot for our daughter. A small price to pay to ensure that illegal aliens, the President’s daughter in private school, have or will get their shots. Obamacare is compassionate care, not doubt about it. 
For instance, The New York Times reported today that children in New York schools are getting Swine Flu shots–the news being that some are refusing the shots. That is, receiving shots the Oregon children cannot get, under this aspect of Obamacare. 
But, how does it happen that New York school children can receive Swine Flu shots, and the Obama’s childen, yet the children in Oregon must stand and wait — including for illegal aliens to get their shots.  We know this is happening because the liberal, ever-so-politically-correct Oregonian ran a front-page sob story and photo about the Immigrants & Refugee Center in Portland being overwhelmed by some 1,200 immigrants and refugees seeking Swine Flu shots when the center had only “500” available. 
Five hundred? How is that 500 doses of the vaccine were made available to immigrants and refugees at the Center when citizen children cannot receive vaccination? 
Who is making these decisions?
To find out, we called the office of Congressman David Wu, a devoted supporter of Obama, and Obamacare, and asked whether our child, and other children in Oregon schools could get a Swine Flu Shot? And when? Wu’s very coureous staffer informed (to paraphrase), that: “The vaccine was sent to the State. The State will decide on how to distribute it.” 
He was then asked how it was that New York was providing flu shots to its school children, but Oregon school children don’t have the same right. He said we might receive more vaccine in the coming weeks. When he was asked why does it appear that Oregon is being “short changed,” he said he had “no idea.” No idea? Shouldn’t the Congressman purporting to represent this District in Oregon have an explanation so as not to be perceived as a kind of political Chihuahua licking the hand, or shoes, of Obama, going along to get along, so to speak?
So, some officials, administrators, and employees of the State, are deciding which children and others in Oregon will receive Swine Flu shots, and who will not. As noted above, it is clear that the decisions are being influenced by political, not medical, considerations, as evidenced by the Oregonian’s report on the decision to make sure five-hundred shots were provided at the immigrant and refugee center. Right. Soon to have expedited amnesty or citizenship and register to vote for those who, like the patrons at home, “gave” them their shots while citizens waited.
We know from the office of Rep. Wu, a carrier of Obama’s Smiley Face Fascism,  that it is the “State” which  is making the decisions on who gets the vaccine and who does not. But the state is not an abstraction or a mechanical device — it is people, government bureaucrats and employees, who have as their first consideration their own careers and families and pleasing them political bosses, and it is they who are deciding who gets care, in this instance, protection from Swine Flu, and who does not. 
Who will be making these decisions when Obamacare is imposed nationwide, as Nancy Pelosi, multi-millionaire wife of a multi-millionaire, enthused today, in announcing that the “public option” Bill of Pelosi in the House and Reid in the Senate will be brought to a vote. 
Indeed, who will decide who gets what care under Obamacare, and to what does that reduce Americans “born to be free”?

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