Occupy Portlander Goes After Radio Talk Host With Dirty Tricks

Just want you to know the tactics the left continues to use again those of us on the right. They know how bad business is for everyone right now. So this troll decided to get in touch with a person who does business with me and flat out lie. It’s obviously a classical case of projection. This looks like a form letter as well. 

And by the way, the business owner knows who this guy is now: 

From:Nate Gibson <portland6**@*******.com
Subject: Shameful advertising

May I just say I am appalled that your company advertises with a client as violent and hate filled as the Victoria Taft show on KPAM.
While I am a staunch advocate for free speech, I vote with my dollars. I will not now nor ever spend my money with a company that advertises with racist, fear mongering, hate filled, socially irresponsible  and criminal talk show hosts.
Not only does the victoria taft show denounce clean and sustainable products and services, they actually claim spending money at local business is “ruining our economy”. She advocates violence against progressives, deregulation of environmental protection laws,  fear mongering conspiracy theories, destruction of public infrastructure, voter suppression, degradation of local business development. Her and her listeners promote violence against nearly every group She doesn’t agree with from minorities, gay and lesbians, small business owners, transportation advocates, voters rights advocates, cyclists, pedestrians, tourists etc. Her particular hatred of teachers and funding for our local schools is appalling.
Spend your advertising budget where you think your best demographic is just remember, when you advertise on KPAM it’s not just conservative talk radio, it’s an attack on the Oregon working an middle classes.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com