Obamaconomy: The bills come due

November 7, 2013

Obamaville enhanced depression line
Politicians need to remember: We have only one wallet. The money comes from only one place. 
I just saw a Facebook post by a man who says ObamaCare will cost him $4,000.00 more than his old health insurance plan AND his property tax bill just went up by $1,400.00 this year. 
Somehow he’s going to have to economize enough to squeeze out an additional $5,400.00 of his earnings to satisfy the greedy government.
Why the increase in property taxes?Politicians and their buddies put bond measures to fund their pet OBAMAVILLE OCCUPY PFEIFFERprograms –library districts for example–and voters robotically respond, ‘Oh, yes, they must need funding. After all, who else will do it?’  Newsflash: we already pay for these things with our tax dollars. The problem is politicians who are unwilling or incapable of setting priorities. 
Politicians pay for their good intentions with our hard work. They think we work for them.
What if we can’t find a job to pay for their pet programs? Unemployment is still at record levels due to droves of people dropping out of the work force unable to find work in this horrible economy. The work that is out there is mostly part time thanks to onerous burdens of government Homeless Man Living in Boxregulation from ObamaCare and Dodd Frank.
We are being sucked dry and then are demonized and called greedy by our own President when we protest. 
This national nightmare can’t can’t end soon enough.