ObamaCare cuts off insurance for star of TV show Little People, Big World.

December 4, 2013


ObamaCare has forced the cancellation of the health ‘insurance of the star of the television show, “Little mattroloff-main_full-200x300People, Big World,” Matt Roloff.  At least that’s what the Oregon businessman announced on his Facebook page today. 

“Today I got the dreaded letter in the mail telling us our company Health care plan is being eliminated. (Up to this point ..I thought it was just scare tactics) We’ve been paying our own Health Care for many many years due to pre-existing conditions etc etc. Now they are forcing my provider to cancel me?? How is this reform? I thought it was suppose to help those that couldn’t afford care to find it… How is canceling those that can.. going to accomplish that?? I’m confused.”

The Oregon author, farmer, TV personality and entrepreneur was born ObamaCare Roloffwith dwarfism, a condition which comes with several physical ailments which he apparently had insured himself through his own company.

Reaction on his FB page has been swift. Matt and his family are beloved in Oregon. Matt’s wife, Amy, also was born with dwarfism along with one of their three children. 

The left has begun an assault of his page. Make sure you check it out and stand up for him.