Obama officials take “selfies” to respond to Ukraine situation

Decorum anyone?

Decorum anyone? These people think they understand social media but they don’t understand political gravity. They fall to earth in unseriousness. Good grief. 
Even Fox News Brit Hume retweeted this one because it was so unserious.
The joke hashtag? #TweetWithOverwhelmingForce
We’re a laughing stock.

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The sheeple respond:

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If we had Twitter in 1930s we could’ve stopped Hitler without firing a shot #epicfail MT @stengel #UnitedForUkraine! http://t.co/Zxfr02aN8s

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Co-chair of US House #Baltic Caucus @RepAdamSchiff in #Lithuania: #UnitedForUkraine | @AMB_DMcCarthy @ZygisPavilionis pic.twitter.com/eKSYDSynXM

The adults respond:

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Amateur hour in US State Dept. is embarrassment. First, Bengazi; now this. Sad. #UnitedForUkraine

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You are pressuring Putin with a twitter hashtag? “@statedeptspox: Like President Obama said today, we stand #UnitedForUkraine”

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To echo @BarackObama today-proud to stand #UnitedForUkraine World should stand together with one voice pic.twitter.com/VeMt578UdY


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