Numbers Don’t Lie: Occupy Portland Was a Lawless Disaster

January 17, 2012

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Mayor Sam Adams and his Rainbow City Council looked the other way nearly every time Occupy Portland broke the law or disregarded city codes during the illegal encampment from October 6 to November 13.

From the beginning when the non leader leaders told the City they’d disregard the law by defying permit requirements, then camped out in two parks against the camping ordinances,  disregarded health rules, sanitation laws–the lawless atmosphere continued unabated. But it grew worse when they invited their friends the from the other rabble rousing groups. And come they did. And when that happened on day two, the Occupy camp went from being Hoodstock to Hell Night.

Graph of Portlander’s Disdain for Law During Occupy

Cops were mere babysitters for the druggies, anarchists and assorted homeless street kids and gutter snipes who brought their kids and dogs to the invasion. Even with an indulgent police response, ie looking the other way–ALOT–the crime stats hit the roof during the Occupy Portland and again on December 3rd, another Occupy melee.

Respect for Leadership of Mayor During Occupy

Now the Portland Police Bureau has  released the crime stats from the area of Occupy Portland in the times surrounding Occupy.

I wish there were a chart to demonstrate the growing disdain Portlanders felt for the “leadership” surrounding Occupy and the enabling the City did for its lack of leadership during this time.

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