"NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS" in the "largest immigration fraud case in Oregon history"

November 29, 2005


Now we’ve seen it all. Two people have gone to prison; one (the accused’s daughter) has pleaded no contest, all in a continuing criminal enterprise to provide fake ID’s so that the 80,000 illegal aliens could go to Miguel Robleto’s Drive Master Education school and ultimately get Oregon Driver’s Licenses.
While I haven’t seen the entire 7 page decision yet, Judge Steven Price says yeah, there was smoke, but the DA’s and AG’s office didn’t show me the fire. As a result Miguel Robleto goes free.

Testimony showed Mr. Robleto called to get more phony ID’s for his “customers,” illegal aliens who had been bused in from all over the country, but the judge didn’t find that testimony persuasive enough. The point is if there’s no Mr. Robleto, there’s no need for phony ID’s. I’m no judge, but even I can’t overlook that. But the judge ruled he couldn’t connect Mr. Robleto to the envelopes. See how the scam worked here.

The judge also said that Mr. Patel, who runs “The Dunes” motel in Hillsboro probably had illegal aliens bursting from the seams in every room, that’s why he couldn’t believe there was any unusual connection to Mr. Robleto’s alleged fraudulent scheme to provide these non Oregon (heck, non US) citizens with driver’s licenses. It doesn’t matter that these illegals came by the bus load and went home in a day or two. Doesn’t matter.

The judge refused to divulge his reasoning for the ruling in open court.

The most bizarre decision he made was to find Mr. Robleto not guilty on the misdemeanor charges of tampering/destroying public documents. The documents were destroyed.

If only this judge were in charge of the Scooter Libby prosecution. Can you imagine? Judge Price’s rationale seems to be that it’s no big deal the documents were destroyed because, hey, there’s no crime!

The judge allowed as there were plenty indications of guilt but not beyond a reasonable doubt.

A question: now that the man who was alleged to be the ringmaster of this alleged crime has been found not guilty, then should the others be released? After all if you don’t have the big guy, then the other guys were simply freelancing on a lark.
No crime, no foul, right?

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