June 23, 2023

Episode 102

“Nobody can make me do anything” – Dispelling the Myths about ‘America’s Shaman’

"America's Shaman" discusses his arrest for his part in the January 6 Capitol Riot, and why the media is wrong about who he is and what he believes.

Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley was widely mocked and derided after becoming the unwitting posterchild of the Capitol riots on 1/6/21. He became the subject of jokes, conspiracy theories, and accusations. But in this conversation, Chansley discusses a side most people have never bothered to see: an educated young man with a deep sense of spirituality and dedicated political beliefs who has been maligned by the mainstream press, fringe figures, even his own former attorney, who publicly claimed that he was intellectually disabled and mentally ill. And while his beliefs may be off-center to most people, he firmly believes in non-violence and is frustrated by the charges leveled against him, especially since ample evidence suggests he was escorted into the building by authorities. Here, in his own words, he expresses his frustration with his previous attorneys and the “diesel therapy” he received while awaiting trial, and attempts to counter some of the wilder pieces of misinformation about him and why he was at the Capitol that day, within the bounds of the legal advice he has received.