Must See Video: Cop “Lying his a$$ off” goes viral

July 1, 2014


Trucker appears to best Illinois State Patrol officer during bizarre stop


This is one of those ‘did you see that?!’ videos. A trucker honked at a state patrol officer for speeding while holding a cell phone on “wet pavement.” The cop turned around and pulled him over to hassle him about it.

You have to stick around for the pay off at the end. While my¬†friend Q Madp, who drew my attention to this, thinks there might be something hinky with the timing on the trucker’s counter–not to mention the Guy Fawkes/Occupy mask on the seat–he thinks this is the real deal. Decide for yourself.

And remember: cops are required to live by the exact same laws you do–even when they’re working (except emergencies)

Cop lies his ass off

Illinois State Police says he is above the law.

Things to think about:
*Cops cannot “use technology” while they’re driving any more than you can–unless they’re on an emergency
*It’s not a good idea to get snotty with a guy with a gun–especially a cop. You can respectfully make a point. They won’t like that, either.
*The trucker is smart in that he does not give the cop anything to give him probable cause. He didn’t admit to speeding. If he had, this would be over. As it turned out, he had proof he wasn’t.
*Yes, there really is a statute covering ‘unlawful use of horn.’ One time I was honking in support of people protesting a Pioneer Courthouse Square and, while stopped at a stop light, an officer told me I was illegally using my horn. Occupy could burn the place down, but I might be brought in for unlawful use of horn?
*It was smart to inform the officer he was being recorded. The officer has been informed which is in some states required.
*Note the cop hassling the guy for other information which is wholly beside the point. They’re hoping you’ll curl up and get scared. This trucker knew his rights and had proof on site.
*Note this thing is OVER right after the trucker told the cop he captured him on his dash cam. Game over.

Lesson? Record it. And don’t be an idiot and grab your camera when the cop is coming to your car. He’ll think you’re grabbing for a gun.