Murrieta Border Patrol protest racists: “Your cracker ass.”

July 8, 2014


I found the racists at the Murrieta illegal alien protest on Monday.

Brown uniformed "Chicano Power" men came to protest to "protect the children." Photo by Victoria Taft
Brown uniformed “Chicano Power” security men came to protest to “protect the children.” Photo by Victoria Taft

A quartet of counter protesters, some wearing uniforms of brown shirts and some wearing brown bandanas over their mouths, appeared at the protest in front of the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California on Monday. The brown shirted men said they were there to “protect the children” spirited from Central America and hauled in buses and dumped in the United States by the Obama Administration. Protests (and media coverage) kept the buses at bay. They were diverted to a San Diego County Border Patrol installation instead. 

The brown shirts wore berets and shirts similar to the Guardian Angels of old. That’s where the similarities end, however. A patch on the front pocket depicted a Mexican flag, the beret bore a patch reading “Atzlan,” and another shirt patch spoke of “Chicano Power.” Others wore brown bandanas over their faces ala Occupy anarchists. Members of the group were arrested during the July 4th protest for, among things, jumping a cop, according to witnesses. For a primer on the Atzlan reference, see this old video on the movement. Grab a sweater, it’s chilling.

I was there to cover the protest for and to get a first-hand view for back ground for working on San Diego talk radio. While collecting photos and video, I came across one of the brown shirted men who came to engage and instigate conflict with the more peaceful anti illegal immigration protesters. Unprovoked, he called me a ‘dog’ or ‘bitch.’ I came back to ask why he’d attacked me like that.

Murrieta Protest: Your “Cracker Ass”

One of the “Aztlan” La Raza “police” self deployed for “the children” being brought to the Murrieta, California Border Patrol facility for processing calls m…

The 75 or so protesters says they’ll keep coming back until the Obama Administration stops using Murrieta as a dumping station. See nearby posts.