Portland’s City Hall folks seem to be expending more energy allaying fears of Somalis and Muslims over possible reprisals than in allaying the fears of Portlanders who worry this community might produce another terrorist.

They would do well to remember that not one thing happened to the Islamic Center of Portland (Masjad As-Saber) after 9/11 nor after it was discovered to have been the spiritual home of the Portland Seven (here).

Perhaps Sam Adams should have a Kumbaya session with the Imam of this mosque as it turns out this little community has produced its EIGHTH terrorist in the past ten years.
It turns out that as a kid at Jackson Middle School, Mohamad Mohamud (Mo Mo), would leave school to pray at the Masjad As-Saber nearby at SW 43rd Avenue.
One father told me that his son, a classmate of Mo Mo’s, said the young Mohamud was grumpy and surly even at that age.

Mo Mo 5th Grade KATU Photo

It would also be nice if Sam Adams would have a little discussion with the head Imam to find out what the heck is in the water over there. And here is a merely rhetorical question for the folks at City Hall: Would Sam Adams go out of his way to have a meeting with “European*”-and-other-hyphenated-Americans if we felt ‘victimized’ by somebody from the Muslim community who wanted to blow us up?
*Sam Adams calls all white people “European-Americans”

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