Message of Measure 37 decision: Judges are in charge of policy

October 17, 2005


Be at KPAM AM 860, THE TALK STATION for the Victoria Taft show 6-9pm tonight as we give you the short and sweet of the Measure 37 case. In addition to the obvious conclusion–that your land isn’t your own– here are four other take aways on the issue right now:

1) This decision reduces the impact of citizen sponsored initiatives. This is by
design by an apparatus mobilized to reduce the effectiveness of the initiative process.

2) The legislature was asked to tweak M 37 during the session and refused; this could have been a good thing, but in retrospect reveals the legislature to be
as dysfunctional as we feared

3) The Governor is a no-show on the issue

4) This leaves the judiciary to make policy decisions for the state.


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