M 37 "poorly worded" "political jumble" The Judge Shouldn’t be Recalled–so says a Victoria Taft Show Blog emailer. What do YOU say?

November 3, 2005


Dear Listeners: Poorly worded? Has this writer read the judge’s decision?

Victoria- This is mind-boggling. Judges should not have to worry about the realm of public opinion. Their job is to interpret the constitution to the best of their ablility. Measure 37 is poorly worded, and when it was put on the ballot, the rhetoric made it seem as though an efficient economic benefit for property is fair for those whose property is displaced by Measure 37. Worded properly, Measure 37 is a political jumble of inefficiencies created to benefit corporations in the State of Oregon. If you don’t like the ruling of a judge, elect political officials, whose job it is to pay attention to public opinion, to amend ballot measures to the liking of the public, so that they will not be deemed unconstitutional by an “activist judge.” The moment a judge is concerned more with public opinion than with interpreting the the constitution, then the judicial system begins to fail. What saddens me the most is that people like yourself (Taft) are unwilling to admit that we have a system set up to deal with situations like this – it’s called the appelate courts. If Judge James’s ruling is wrong, then it will be overturned. She wouldn’t be the first judge in history to have a ruling overturned. I’m pretty sure Supreme Court Nominee Alito had a ruling overturned – by the Supreme Court. You don’t seem to have a problem with that!

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