Loony ‘Toons: Part Trois

February 8, 2006


So how did this start? Get a backgrounder here. See some of the cartoons below and all of them here. See a movie about the phony scandal here. The most offensive ones are linked: they’re not here.
Now don’t be misled because there are FAKE cartoons put out by Danish Imams here. Best reasons for not publishing from listeners tonight: Do Unto Others, the President asked us not to fan the flames, keep our soldiers safer by not doing it. So I’m publishing some of the least offensive .
But even the least offensive are supposedly very offensive to some.
Interestingly, these cartoons weren’t offensive enough to the cleric who wanted to make this into an international incident so he found/photo shopped more images and shopped those around the globe till he pissed someone –millions–off. Who’s being anti Islam now?

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