Like Cows Heading to the Barn MSM Reporters Head to Al Jazeera

January 13, 2006


Former ABC Nightline Correspondent heads to Al Jazeera.

The Arab news network Al Jazeera announced Thursday that Dave Marash, an award-winning former correspondent for ABC News’ “Nightline,” is joining its 24-hour English-language network, to be launched this spring.
In an interview Thursday, Marash, 63, described his new position as “the most interesting job on Earth.”
Al Jazeera’s new English-language network, going head-to-head against CNN International and the BBC World Service, will include four hours of programming from Washington, co-anchored by Marash and an as-yet-unnamed woman.
Riz Khan, a former BBC reporter who most recently was host of the CNN International talk show “Q&A,” has also joined the staff, along with his CNN producer, James Wright, and Kieran Baker, a former editor and producer for CNN. Also on board is Josh Rushing, a former Marine Corps information officer in Iraq who was featured in “Control Room,” a 2004 documentary focusing on Al Jazeera’s coverage of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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