Is This Legal? Government Supported Group Holds ‘Blacks Only’ Ferguson Event in Portland

December 24, 2014

Why is the government supporting this group with our tax dollars, again?

In the same place that forced bakers out of business because they refused (out of religious conviction) to bake a cake for a same sex wedding, a government supported 501c3 organization has held a meeting that excluded everyone–except blacks.

Over at Progressives Today, Mike Strickland reports:

The Portland, OR branch of the All African People’s Revolutionary Party held an event at Portland’s Center For Intercultural Organizing. The AAPRP puts on several events and organizes in communities, but this time, the event was specifically “blacks only”. No whites, no Asians, no latinos/latinas, no natives… Only “for all who identify as being of African descent“.

Strickland points out the group receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in government grants.

Sounds to me that a group which practices discrimination is not a place where the government should be putting our tax money.

Read the details over here. Oh, and ‘All African People’s Revolutionary Party’? Don’t bother scrubbing your websites. They’re alllll screen capped. Have a nice day.