Largest Immigration Fraud Case in History of Oregon Wraps Up. Oregonian story? Nowhere.

November 2, 2005


The final statements were uttered by both sides Tuesday in the case of a Washington county man who is alleged to have perpetrated what the Oregonian newspaper calls the largest immigration fraud case in Oregon history. While there was an Oregonian reporter in the courtroom yesterday no story appeared today.

The Victoria Taft Show courtroom mole reports no fireworks occured in the courtroom. Rebuttal witnesses were called. One of the most curious witnesses was an Hispanic man who works for Teufel Nursery who, through the aid of a courtroom translator, said he was one of Mr. Robleto’s customers.
I guess what we’re supposed to draw from the testimony is that Mr. Robleto didn’t only clear the way for 80,000 illegal aliens to get phony ID and therefore licenses but that he also helped out hard working, law abiding citizens too. Problem is no one, not the prosecution, not the defense (whose witness it was) ever, EVER asked the man if he was in the United States legally. I guess nobody cares.

In his closing statement defense attorney Fred Natchigal claimed the prosecution hadn’t proven its case because there was no smoking gun. There was no one who saw Mr. Robleto, the defendant, get phony documents, or rush through the 80,000 driving tests, or… Apparently believing the judge would discount all the circumstantial evidence against Robleto, hence, invoking the OJ-esque defense which goes thusly, “if you don’t have videotape of him committing the murders you must acquit.” A bit overwrought, but the point is made.

The woman who has been convicted of providing Mr. Robleto with phony ID’s (including the phonied envelopes –see previous posts for deets), reportedly has served her time and soon will be deported to her native land in which she has citizenship. Three guesses. Give up? Mexico. BTW: she got nuttin from the DA or state for her testimony in the trial we’re told. No quid. No pro. No quo. Ole!

The judge has taken the case under advisement or something and is expected to render a verdict next Tuesday, November 7th, at 8:30 am. We’ll be there.

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