Kyron: School Super Carole Smith Please Come on My Show and Talk. Here’s My Number 503 225 0860. Ask for Eric.

The official search for missing seven year old, Kyron Horman, was called off on Sunday. The news conference where this was announced as described by Willamette Week (here) as alternately ‘testy’ and tearful. Sheriff Dan Staton officially has now described this case as a criminal matter.

Then the second-grader vanished and was gone nearly seven hours before anyone noticed. The Oregonian

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It’s clear authorities aren’t telling us everything. Their actions over the past week incline me to believe they know who did this or think they know. If, however, it’s a stranger abduction then why the heck hasn’t the Superintendent of PPS come forward and explained her school system to the media?

“I wanted them [FBI] involved because the last time this child was seen was inside a school,” he [Sheriff Staton] said. “This was not a child walking away from their home or getting lost in the woods. This is a child who got lost inside a school with faculty there. That was the last time the child was seen.”

Look, I know Carole Smith isn’t personally responsible for Kyron’s snatching but she owes parents, students and taxpayers who fund the system and pay her salary an explanation of what she’s doing about it.

“This investigation really got going eight to 12 hours after it should have,” said Clint Van Zandt, a former FBI profiler and Virginia-based security consultant. “Whatever happened to this little boy, by the time authorities really geared up, they were 12 hours behind the power curve 

Every single day we have called and asked School Superintendent Carole Smith to come on the show and explain how a child appears to have been snatched from one of her schools.

The moment an adult took note that Kyron wasn’t at school Friday, an effort to find him should have been set in motion, Van Zandt said. The Oregonian

There has been a colossal break down in protocol,  but Smith hasn’t commented. It’s time. Here’s my number: 503 225 0860.

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