Kurt Schrader is NOT a (Now Non Existent) "Blue Dog" Democrat

When I was a kid my parents and their friends would take us camping. At night we’d take our flash lights and go hunting for non existent “glow eyed” “snipe.” It was something to keep us occupied before we sacked out. Now someone has decided to send Oregonian reporters out to look for the new snipe, to wit: Blue Dog Democrats.

In a recent piece (here) the Zero’s political reporter, Jeff Mapes, creeps into the dark bushes of Oregon’s political forest and spots the glowing eyes of Oregon’s supposed “blue dog” Democrat Kurt Schrader:

Rep. Kurt Schrader, one of a dwindling band of fiscally conservative Blue Dog Democrats, once again pushed for a plan of tough-to-stomach tax hikes and budget cuts as envisioned by the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission.

Kurt Schrader may have joined the Blue Dog Democrat caucus back in the day, but his taxing and spending record is deplorable and his supposed ‘fiscal conservatism’ is laughable. If you check his record with Freedom Works, his fiscal conservatism record is 18 out 100. Puhleeze.

Schrader voted for Stimulus I, Stimulus II, TARP I and TARP II, and Cap and Tax and endless bail outs which have resulted in adding $5 Trillion to the debt and keeping the growth in the economy bumping along the bottom in recession and near recession. This is not fiscally conservative. Being slightly better than the rest of the Oregon Democrat Congressional Delegation on fiscal issues–and that’s debatable– doesn’t make Schrader conservative; it makes him only slightly less awful than the rest of them. The real fiscal conservatives in the 5th Congressional District know it;  it’s about time the political scribes at the Zero started reporting it.

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