Kurdistan about to be sacked by ISIS

August 7, 2014


The one unabashedly pro American place in Iraq is on precipice of being sacked by Al Qaeda’s ISIS

Kurdish "peshmerga" troops stand guard during an intensive security deployment against Islamic State militants, on the outskirts of the province of Nineveh Remember when Kurdistan was the safest place in Iraq? It’s not anymore.

(Reuters) – Islamist militants surged across northern Iraq toward the capital of the Kurdish region on Thursday, sending tens of thousands of Christians fleeing for their lives, in an offensive that prompted talk of Western military action.

Reuters photographs showed what appeared to be Islamic State fighters controlling a checkpoint at the border area of the Kurdish semi-autonomous region, little over 30 minutes’ drive from Arbil, a city of 1.5 million that is headquarters of the Kurdish regional government and many businesses.

The fighters had raised the movement’s black flag over the guard post. However, a Kurdish security official denied that the militants were in control of the Khazer checkpoint, and the regional government said its forces were advancing and would “defeat the terrorists,” urging people to stay calm.

Underscoring the point “ending” wars isn’t the same as “winning” wars, the Kurds are about to be sacked by the Al Qaeda linked group ISIS which has as its mission to establish a caliphate starting in Syria and extending into Iraq. Remember when we supported them? Not anymore.


Thank You America / The Other Iraq: Kurdistan

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