It started hours ago. Reporters and later a phalanx of cops began swarming John Kitzhaber’s Southwest Portland home.

KATU reporter Kyle Iboshi seemed to be taking point on the stake out.

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No answer at Governor Kitzhaber’s door. Haven’t seen anyone come or go from Portland home.

Then he started counting cop cars.

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Three deputies & trooper just arrived outside Governor Kitzhaber’s home.

And counted:

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Fifth police officer just arrived at Gov. Kitzhaber’s home….

Then came the State Police security detail:

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Governor Kitzhaber’s security detail just arrived at his house

And more cops:

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Police cars & security detail outside Gov. Kitzhaber’s home. Waiting…

The cops did a valet shuffle:

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Governor’s security detail reshuffled cars but no sign of Gov. Kitzhaber at his SW Portland home

And the Governor’s still not home.