Film wrongly blamed for attacks on US Embassy in Cairo and Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12 ordered removed. Benghazi film

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled 2-1 today to order Google to remove the movie trailer, Innocence of Muslims from its YouTube channel following a complaint by one of the actors. 

From the Chicago Tribune,

The plaintiff, Cindy Lee Garcia, had objected to the film after learning that it incorporated a clip she had made for a different movie, which had been partially dubbed and in which she appeared to be asking: “Is your Mohammed a child molester?” For many Muslims, any depiction of the prophet is considered blasphemous.

Garcia argued she retained partial copyright to the movie and sued to demand Google take it down. Two justices agreed. Google argued the first amendment and specifically prior restraint trumped Garcia’s claim. 

Garcia, pictured above, has expressed concern for her safety following the release of the trailer, afraid she’d be targeted by Islamic terrorists.

Then Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama apologized for the video the day before Al Qaeda Chief Ayman Zawahiri’s brother helped lead an attempted take over of the US Embassy in Cairo. Al Qaeda black flags and anarchist symbols were openly displayed. Later, the Benghazi diplomatic mission was sacked by terrorists. Ambassador Chris Stevens, aide Sean Smith and two security officers, former Navy SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were killed in the battle. 

To pacify angry Islamists, the director of the film was arrested in the middle of the  night and basically held as a political prisoner. He was perp-walked before the cameras of tipped off reporters. Obama Administration officials said he was picked up on probation violations. Sure.Benghazi film maker arrest 2 good

As we know now, the video was little seen. The movie trailer in fact was not responsible for the terrorist activities according to after action reports of the Benghazi attack by the CIA and State Department. It’s clear the attack on the diplomatic mission was planned well ahead of any discussion of the video. 

Google says it will appeal the ruling. We’ll see. Many high profile people have been silenced by the sword of Islam. Or have you forgotten about Theo Van Gogh, Daniel Pearl, South Park’s censored depiction of Mohamed and the death threats from Danish Mohamed cartoons?