Joe the Small Business Owner on "For Dummies" Books for Tea Party Folks

Dear Ms. Taft:
I was listening to your show the other night, and it has actually taken me two full days to calm down enough to write a response regarding the part of Valerie Jarret & Pelosi previous comments, suggesting a book for tea party members, and or supporters basically Politics for dummies.  These smug and artificial person’s should start packing their face creams, facial masks, and false teeth, and hop on their brooms for one last trip home.  Their arrogance, and social elitism, have become so condescending to the peoples of America, that they absolutely need to go. 
I attended the Tea Party, and I must tell you I am proud to have seen and been a part of the beginning steps of the taking back of America, from an outrageous group of Social elitists. .  I really wish Nancy no ill will other than what she is. I think she is an outdated, arrogant, overrated,  poisonous, elitist, condescending, evil, nasty, non human, shrill.  I could not give or wish her anything more that she has or is.