“Jihad” Graffiti in Florida. Is Your Neighborhood Next?

June 20, 2013

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jihad graffiti2There are a few things to note in the following story about this 20′ high graffiti seen on a jihad graffitimajor freeway in Florida.

It’s about the Muslim “jihad.” That it’s so large and in this public place that one must deduce it’s not the ‘internal’ jihad being referenced. And there are some other things interesting about this story which you can see for yourself below:

  • It’s big.
  • It could have been done by anyone, since there apparently are no pictures of the culprit, although there were spray cans left over.
  • It’s characterized by the media as an anti American piece of graffiti.
  • The story isn’t so much about the graffiti as about a fight over it.
  • The man who stops to yell at people gathered says they’re “brainwashed”, that it’s “just a word” and that they’re overreacting.
  • The angry man who stops claims “there are no f****** terrorists.”

 A group of people collected near the sign to hold an impromptu protest. They consisted of black and white people. But, of course, the reporter brought up the issue of race. This is what the man told the reporter,

“That guy was white. These women are black. I’m white. I’m Jewish. I have Christian friends, OK? This is about an ideology. It’s time for people to wake up before we have another Boston Marathon bombing, before we have another 9/11.”

Of course, if this is the message from Jihadists, the man who says we need to wake up is absolutely right. And about the drive by man who claims there “are no ******* terrorists?” He’s a VERY low information voter.

See the story here: