IT’S ABOUT TIME…NYT’s latest on spy case.

December 30, 2005


Give Michelle Malkin props for revealing the real story of the NYT spy leak case. Read her latest here.

Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak
By TONI LOCY, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leak of classified information about President Bush’s secret domestic spying program.

…White House spokesman Trent Duffy said Justice undertook the action on its own, and the president was informed of it on Friday.
“The leaking of classified information is a serious issue. The fact is that al-Qaida’s playbook is not printed on Page One and when America’s is, it has serious ramifications,” Duffy told reporters in Crawford, Texas, where Bush was spending the holidays

Gotta love it. When we (that means the United States) succeed in Iraq and continue to quell terrorist attacks on the United States, will they be “President Bush’s” success?
The New York Times’ defense in the Valerie Plame issue opened this can of worms.
I wonder, will this investigation also cover the ‘outing’ of the ‘secret’ prisons containing Al Qaeda types? Watch out Washington Post. Send your love notes to the Times.
If it’s discovered that this story gave Al Qaeda and other terror cells information they didn’t have already and helps them pull off another attack, can we call it the New York Times’ Terror Attack?

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