I TOLD YOU SO. Smoot-Hawley-Obama Part Dos

Obama is making moves to give amnesty to 20 million of Mexico’s citizens, but when you start hitting the oligarchy in the old wallet, well, apparently it’s too much.

Inside the budget bill was a provision, demanded by the Teamsters Union, that would get rid of a program allowing Mexican truck drivers to bring their big rigs into the US. This pilot program, ushered in with much derision during the Bush administration in 2007, was compliant with the NAFTA Treaty signed during the Clinton administration.

Congress has already adopted NAFTA and you can’t just throw in a sentence here or there and obliterate a signed treaty (although sometimes I wish we could).

You lefties like to say the issue of illegal immigration is backstopped by nativism and xenophobia. You wish our logic were that vapid. You’re just looking for the easy way out of debating the issue.

Here’s where–literally and figuratively–the rubber hits the road.

We signed a deal to allow Mexican truckers in.

I didn’t like it but there it was–NAFTA was a done deal. I hope we’re checking those trucks, however.

Now you guys and your unions want it out and poof! it’s gone.

And this is what you’ve gotten yourself if you don’t watch out: A full on trade war.

This is the same idiocy practiced during the depression. Protectionism of American interests for the sake of the unions in this case has other trickle down effects–such as screwing over let’s see, Oregon’s:

Christmas Tree Exports

French Fry Exports

Pear Exports

It’s possible that Peter DeFazio is right and that Mexico was just looking to impose tariffs on products to protect its own goods, but that argument only gets you so far. Mexico would have done it at any time, then, right? Why did it wait until after the US banned Mexican truckers from the US? Why did the Teamsters push to do this? To protect their own jobs. But don’t forget the ironical caveat: Unions want illegal aliens in this country so they can unionize them and get them for the dues.
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