Hey, North Korea: Here’s the Death Scene from the Sony Movie You Just Scuttled. I Am Spartacus.

December 19, 2014

This is 'Merica. Hey NoKos, get off my lawn.

Someone leaks the death scene of Kim Jung Un in the movie Sony withdrew The Interview

If Sony won’t stand up for itself and the first amendment and America! Then the rest of us will have to. 

Please repost. We’re all Spartacus now.

I know the following video isn’t PC or particularly nice, what with all the expletives bandied about, but you might want to think about how the North Koreans just threatened through nameless surrogates that something might happen and how quickly this company capitulated.

Now think of how easily it could happen in your own domain.

Remember, this is ‘Merica! But only if we fight for it.