Help Name the Two Tram Cars *Plus a Special "Ask Victoria"

October 30, 2006


They’ve been claimed from customs and are on their way to floating like ‘bubbles’ over the freeway, highway, homes of those poor schmucks on Lair Hill. Yes, the two tram cars are here at a cost of a half a mil each. And the people in charge–either OHSU, City of Portland, Homer Williams, PDC—we have no idea–want you to help name them. So I’m taking your suggestions. I’ll go first.

(this name already exists to pay disrepect to outgoing OHSU head Peter Kohler for this ill conceived idea, but we’re looking for names of both cars and I thought we could reprise this for purposes of this contest).
Listener Bill writes in and suggests

Keep the ideas rolling in !

Dear Victoria,
If the tram holds 78 people, are they going to replace the buses that seat 40 but can squeeze 60-80? Will it be a “frequent service” line, running every 15 minutes or less? Will it run when the buses can’t make it up and down the hill in the snow and ice?
Just pondering,
Dear Gentle Listener,
The Tram will result in fewer buses running to pill hill to ensure that at least someone will ride the tram besides the doctors, nurses, staff etc who work at OHSU.
There will be plenty of buses around during frosty, windy days because the tram, in all liklihood, will not be able to operate.
Thank you for asking.
PS This is just another reason why we call it the “Tram Scam”

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