Finally, a good law proposed that we all should support.

Oregon Representatives have proposed House Bill 3008 which should help defray the cost of lost revenues and help maintain roadways throughout Portland.

Not all Portlanders are pleased though, as what some call a majority in the city will be responsbile for the $54 payment every two years. Those opposed argue that HB 3008 is just a way for police to keep tabs on them and they should not have to pay to traverse throughout Portland.

Story here

Pdf of bill here

This bicycling “majority” has no problem calling for and seeing others paying increased fees, taxes and what have you, but when it comes their turn, they balk.

Hey cyclists, where’s your “bi-partisan” spirit? Where’s your pride in maintaining Portland beautiful and accessible? You want not only “equal access” to the roads, you want sole access in Portland, but don’t think you should share in the cost?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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