Governor Saxton

May 17, 2006


Saxton whoops up on Mannix and Atkinson to everyone’s surprise —including Saxton– who predicted that , while he would win, it would be a whole lot closer. I called for Saxton to win by only a couple of points. Pollster Tim Hibbits called race practically at 8:00:59 for the fastest projection ever. From KATU’S website:
… Saxton had 43 percent of the vote to Mannix’s 30 percent. Atkinson, a state senator from Central Point and the third major contender for the nomination, had 20 percent.

Kevin Mannix called early to concede and pledge his support in November. Before the tally all three candidates for the Republicans pledged to hold a news conference on Thursday to bring the party together to defeat the Democrats in November.

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