Governor Saxton is Visited by Two Popular Governors in His Quest for Mahonia Hall. Shows He Came to Play.

September 22, 2006


Here’s the latest poll we talked about on the show the other day. The first glimpse of the poll came from NW Republican but had Starrett at 4%. As you can see she’s really at 3%, however as you can see here this bad boy is close:

Ron Saxton, Rep. 38%
Ted Kulongoski, Dem.38%
Mary Starrett, Const. 3%
Richard Morley, Lib. 1%
Joe Keating, Pacific Gr.1%
None 3%
Don’t know 16%

We’ve got 16% undecideds right now. With the big boys sending in Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and affable Arkansas Guv Mike Huckabee, Saxton is showing he’s come to play—and win. Now if he can parlay these visits in cash money and free media to win over some of those folks… to give him electability cred with these undecideds that would be lovely.
Saxton has come to play. Now everyone will know it. It seems that with Romney being a possible contender for President at some point in the future the national boys are sitting up and taking notice that the vulnerable Kulongoski is even weaker than they imagined. The future former Governor has the entire public employee and private big labor unions arrayed in his behalf and he’s
tied with Saxton.
For more analysis head to Oregon Catalyst here.
The following is part of the Saxton press release on the visits:

Governor Romney will be in Oregon this Saturday, September 23, for a fundraiser at the Benson Hotel (309 SW Broadway, Portland). The fundraiser is closed to the media, but Romney and Saxton will hold a press availability following the event at 10:45 AM in the Brighton Room.

Governor Huckabee will be in Oregon next Wednesday, September 27, for a Blues and BBQ fundraising event for Saxton at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (4045 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro). Huckabee will even take the stage and play guitar with the Miller Brothers Blues Band to entertain the crowd.

PS That new Kulongoski ad sounds cloying and sappy. Plus…the Republican leaders who gave in allowing him Jessica’s law as a campaign issue after he and his party’s leadership KILLED IT in the legislature is enough to make you crazy.

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