The Government Shutdown Agreement: GOP Is Rolled.

October 16, 2013


budget dealThis is a meme sent out by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on what is in ‘the deal’ to stop the government shutdown.

Now I’m sure we’ll discover other things in the agreement that may be tenable, but looking at that bullet point graph right there indicates the GOP got steamrolled.

The GOP got nothing except the Senate Democrats agreeing to send conferees to a budget meeting in December. That isn’t extraordinary. Sending budget negotiators when there’s a budget impasse IS THEIR JOB.

And ‘income verfication for ObamaCare recipients? You’re kidding, right? This shouldn’t have even been on the table!  When the Obama Administration announced it wasn’t going to check for income levels because their computer program couldn’t handle it, Republicans should have then and there began fighting back on the President at his whim simply re-writing ObamaCare. That is against separation of powers. It is against the law. This is not something Republicans “won” in a budget negotiation, this is what Senators should have been doing the entire time. 

Until I hear more to change my mind I believe this is The. Worst. Deal. Ever.