GOODBYE FREEDOM: Portland’s Rainbow City Council Votes Life Forms Off the Island in New Global Warming Resolution

October 28, 2009


The resolution requires the city reduce CO2 output by 80% by 2050. No, you didn’t miss the vote on this because you weren’t asked to vote on it. The Rainbow City Council voted for you and in so doing has just ‘jacked a bunch of freedoms from you.
Apparently no life forms will be allowed to populate the city. How else are you going to do it?
You’ll start with cars, then manufacturing, then humans, then pets, then???
I’d like you to start calling the Rainbow City Council and cite the science on CO2 being an endangerment to Portland. Do it now.
Check out the part about where they want to choose your food, where it should be grown, how they think pedestrians are king and car drivers are not, how they want your ‘PER PERSON CARBON EMISSIONS.” HERE.

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