Ginny Gitcherguns Burdick Heavy Lifting for Anti Gun Groups, Not So Much for Constituents

March 5, 2013


Poor State Senator Ginny Burdick. She’s been so busy at the legislature acting as bell boy for anti gun groups like Cease Fire Oregon –very heavy lifting–that she over-scheduled herself and couldn’t show up to her own Town Hall meeting last night at Portland State University.  As you know by reading my post last Wednesday (here)  Burdick cancelled the meeting “due to scheduling conflicts.” Busy, busy, busy.

Ginny Gitcherguns Burdick had many, many important things to do so she couldn’t face her constituents last night. Constituents who are just a tad ticked off that Burdick’s latest gun grabbing effort after “assault weapons” bans and “clip” limits, includes limits on how many weapons you can own, one; forcible gun confiscations and warrantless searches and seizures. Give the busy gal credit, it takes an awful lot of time to violate that many constitutional rights in one bill. See my tally here.

So, what was Ginny doing last night? More heavy lifting it turns out. Her take out, her garbage pail, her recycling bin, her mail–everything but meeting with her constituents. 

I got these stills from the following video by Citizen Journalist BareItorBearIt. 


This video by a Citizen Journalist called ‘Bare It or Bear It’ catches Burdick as she avoids the Town Hall.