Gender “neutral” employee sues after being called “she”

February 9, 2014


gender neutralA worker–who looks like a woman–but claims to be ‘gender neutral’ is suing an employer for being called “she.” 

Valeria Jones is demanding $518,000.00 in damages in a Portland, Oregon lawsuit. Jones claims Bon Apetit Management failed to call the worker another pronoun and didn’t inform co workers of the proper terminology.

Jones claims co workers at the catering company used “she,” “little lady” and “miss” to address Jones. Jones says the female references were “unwelcome.” Co workers claim Jones looked like a woman and likened her persona to female.

Jones wanted to be called another pronoun which, oddly, was left unspecified in the lawsuit according to The Oregonian.

An executive told the newspaper,

“I can say we are an equal opportunity employer that embraces diversity of all kinds.”

But how do you embrace someone who doesn’t know what gender they are and why is that now your problem? Jones claims the company didn’t host a company-wide meeting to explain how the worker preferred to be addressed. This is the only potential winning part of the lawsuit–company policy. At its base, however, the lawsuit seeks to repeal common sense, English grammar, not to mention biology.

By running to protect every conceivable kind of ‘trans-fill-in-the-blank’ minority, Portland has put everyone else in fear of being sued for someone’s hurt feelings.

This case is a glimpse into the future in California where children will be able to pick and choose which gender they identify with in order to use bathrooms, play on sports teams and use locker rooms in public schools irrespective of the convenience of everyone else. And it makes everyone else a target of a lawsuit for hurt feelings.