Gay Fringe Threatens Oregon Voters Who Sign Petitions *Update

If you don’t believe it just take a look at what same sex marriage fringies admit to being up to with so called ‘outing’ names of those who sign the marriage petitions.
The new web page of the so called “know they neighbor” effort encourages folks to
Do you suppose the homosexual community would support efforts to list names of people who frequent gay clubs, bath houses, or who suffer from HIV?
The petition to which these kooks refer can be found here at
The left has been trying to stifle the initiative process for the past few years. Unwritten rules have been invoked to subvert the process by Bill Bradbury and signature rules have been approved with the result being that it is more difficult than ever before to get an initiative on the ballot.
Now this group’s aim is to use blackmail, if you will, to discourage people from signing a petition to call for another vote on these two issues that Oregonians have already voted on and decided (but which the legislature overturned). This means this subset of the homosexual rights clan (klan?) now have lowered themselves to threatening people who disagree with them. Sounds like the left is growing ever more comfortable with the totalitarian ways of their heroes Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.

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