Freedom Works: Harry Reid Chooses 1am Vote on Monday Morning for Health Care

From Freedom Works:

It looks like after all the gamesmanship and back-door dealings that the Left has tried in order to sneak ObamaCare through, Harry Reid is finally ready to show his cards and bring the bill to the floor.

FreedomWorks has learned that it is Reid’s intention to bring up the decisive cloture vote for the Left’s proposed government takeover of America’s health care system at 1:00 AM Monday Morning. What’s the rush? Maybe the fact that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have failed to broker a deal to pass their socialist reform bill, or that more and more public opinion polls are indicating that American’s do not want it. Whatever the reason, the Left is attempting one more full court press to pass ObamaCare and we must rally to stop them.


I know how hard you have worked all year to stop the hostile government takeover of health care. From the tea parties in the spring, to the historic 9-12 Taxpayer March on Washington, to the avalanche of phone calls, emails, letters, and face-to-face visits that have hit Congressional offices over the last few weeks, your voice has been a key part of this opposition and it is the reason the fight has lasted as long as it has. But we can’t back-off now as the fight reaches its climax.

As I write this email, Reid has still not been able to make a deal that would get the necessary 60 votes and allow him to pass ObamaCare. However, our sources tell us that he may only be 1 or 2 votes away. This weekend the forces of the big government Left will be lighting up the phone boards of Congressional Offices as they remain in session and await the early morning vote on Monday. Use FreedomWorks Online War Room to counter their efforts over the next 48 hours.

The War Room is equipped with timely information and cutting edge technology that will enable you to quickly contact the handful of Senators we believe could be the deciding votes on ObamaCare and urge them to VOTE NO.

Imagine if you wake up on Monday morning and ObamaCare has passed. Wouldn’t you like another chance to place one last urgent call, send one last email, or show up to your Senators’ district offices one last time to demonstrate your support for keeping America’s health care system free?

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